Royal Navy Masters 2010

GB Police Swim Team Smash Records
At the 9th Navy Masters Championships in Millfield, 2010. It was the first time the PSUK Swimming Team has entered the Navy Masters competition. The one day competition consisting of a virtually full programme proved tiring on the team, especially as the clocks had gone forward. Added to this was the fact that this was many of the team’s first competition of the year since the change in the costume rules by Fina.
The first event was the 400m freestyle which saw the team pick up gold by Claire Thorn (35-39) West Midlands in a new championships record and silvers by Nigel Gaskin (30-34) West Midlands and Sarah Borley (45-49) Gwent.

The medals continued thick and fast in the form of Aimee Ramm (25-29) Leicestershire, who won her four events; 50m & 100m fly and 50m & 100m freestyle all in championship records.

Others to win all events they entered were:

Dave Morgan (35-39) Gwent in the 50m & 100m breastroke both in championship record time. Ed Clayton (30-34) Lancashire in the 100m fly, 4x1 I.M and 50m freestyle again in new championship records. Claire Thorn added to her gold with 3 more in the 50m & 100m breastroke and 200m Freestyle. Hayley Bird (19-24) West Midlands, in the 100m backstroke, 4x1 I.M and 100m Freestyle. Alison Willis (35-39) West Midlands, with championship records in the 4x1 I.M and 50m backstroke, and 50m fly.

Others who won events were; Laura Chidgey (34-39) Devon & Cornwall, who broke the championship record in the 100m breastroke and came 2nd in the 100m freestyle. Local lad Chris Wintle (25-29) Avon & Somerset; put in his first appearance with the team and did us proud with 3 new championship records in the 4x1 I.M, 50m & 100m breastroke and also a bronze in the 50m freestyle. Nigel Gaskin also picked up a gold in the 100m freestyle and silver in the 200m freestyle. Brian Steatham (25-29) West Midlands won the 100m freestyle in a new championship record and silver in the 50m freestyle. Angie Fisher (50-54) West Midlands broke the championship record in the 50m backstroke. Gareth Parker (50-54) a new addition to the team broke a new championship record in the 4x1 I.M and won gold in the 50m backstroke and silver in the 100m backstroke. Sarah Hempenstall (30-34) Surrey got silver in the 100m fly.

Infact the team won 28 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals, breaking no less than 19 championship individual records. They were 3rd team out of 54 missing out on 2nd place by a mere point.

The team entered a total of 13 relay races (women’s, men’s & mixed) they set a very high standard winning all relays in new championship records. Everyone of the team won medals.

Team: Liane Andrews, Aimee Ramm, Laura Chidgey, Sarah Hempenstall, Hayley Bird, Alison Willis, Angie Fisher, Sarah Borley, Chris Wintle, Ed Clayton, Dave Morgan, Nigel Gaskin, Brian Steatham and Gareth Parker

Team Manager: Claire Thorn