Triangular Tournament 2010

The PSUK swim team narrowly missed out on victory at the annual triangular swimming event in Aldershot. Teams from the Combined Services (Army, Navy & RAF), Civil Service & Police Sport UK competed in 15 individual events and 5 relay events.

As always the event was of a fast pace, the whole competition took little over an hour to complete. With teams having to provide 2 swimmers per event the competition took its toll.

PSUK won over half of the individual events and 5 out of 6 relays. Double individual winners were Hayley Bird, West Midlands in the 100m backstroke and 100m freestyle and Laura Chidgey, Devon & Cornwall in the 100m & 200m breastroke.

Other event winners were Aimee Ramm, Leicestershire in the 100m fly; Chris Jones, South Wales in the 100m backstroke and Brian Steatham, West Midlands in the 100m breastroke, Brian also went on to take second place in the 100m freestyle event.

Second places were won by Garry Dixon, Thames Valley in the 400m freestyle; Claire Thorn, West Midlands in the 200m freestyle; Rachel Vallins, Dorset in the 100m backstroke and Ryan Long, West Midlands in the 100m backstroke, Ryan also won third place in the 100m backstroke.

Third places went to Nigel Gaskin, West Midlands in the 400m freestyle; Richard Evans, Metropolitan and Alison Willis, West Midlands in the 200m I.M; Geoff Boddie, Merseyside and Sara Gamble, West Midlands in the 200m breastroke events and Caroline Bell in the 100m breastroke.

The points remain extremely close throughout the championships with only a few points separating PSUK and the Combined Services. PSUK took a knock in the form of a disqualification half way through the championships but continued to battle hard down to the last event.

PSUK dominated in the relays taking maximum points in all but one of them.

PSUK Ladies’ team came first with 76 points, with the Combined Services getting 74 points and the Civil Service 32 points. The PSUK Men’s team came second with 87 points, with the Combined Services getting 95 points and the Civil Service 37 points.

Total overall results were Combined Services 1st with 169 points, PSUK 2nd with 163 points and Civil Service 3rd with 69 points. Disappointingly PSUK lost by a mere 6 points but a good effort by all and the result could quite easily been so different!

Team:  Laura Chidgey, Nigel Gaskin, Sarah Hempenstall, Richard Evans, Sara Gamble, Rachel Vallins, Vic Standen, Garry Dixon, Aimee Ramm, Chris Panther, Hayley Bird, Brian Steatham, Matt Adamson, Caroline Bell, Chris Jones, Geoff Boddie, Ryan Long, Alison Willis and Claire Thorn.