David "Ralphy" Briggs Memorial Tournament 2011

This was the second running of this fabulous tournament under the guise of The PSUK Invitational hosted by Radcliffe Swimming Club and PSUK on 21st May.

The teams this year we the British Police, Radcliffe, Chester and a North West select team including current and past British Police players.

The event was once again excellent, and British Police finally found some consistent form, taking points from all three of their matches (BP 9 v NW Select 2, BP 4 v Chester 4 and BP 9 v Radcliffe 6) to win the tournament.  This was a great result for the team, playing off only 8 players.

Th whole team played well, and it was great to welcome back Clem Jones (GMP) from serious injury.  Dave Broad (GMP) made his debut in goal for the British Police and had a good tournament, justifying his selection.

Captain Steve "Taff" Davidson (GMP) was a good friend of "Ralphy" and was proud recipient of the winner's trophy on behalf of the team.


7 Members of the British Police Water Polo Team (L to R): Nick Burrows (WM), Dave Broad (GMP),
Graham Elleray (GMP), Lee Cooke (Cleve), Steve Davidson (GMP), Geoff Dover (GMP), Clem Jones (GMP)


Captain Steve Davidson with the trophy with (L to R): Dave Broad, Clem Jones, Nick Burrows and Graham Elleray.